When Is The Best Time To Apply A Face Mask?

I’m pretty sure that we have all tried a face masks at least once in our life, but the majority of people don’t know the differences. Each type of mask has a benefit and it’s extremely important that we use the right one! As teenagers trying a mask for the very first time, we run straight to the traditional clay masks!! This is nooooo good for someone with already dry skin. So let’s talk when to apply each mask and the differences of each type of mask!

Deep cleansing

These masks are incredible if you are looking for a super deep clean and want to just suck all that gunk out of your pores, but beware this type of mask comes with after effects!!! I recommend avoiding these masks several days before a big event as they may bring out a new zit, yikes!! If you already have dry skin then let’s stry and avoid this type…we don’t want to overdry your skin. That flaky look doesn’t work for anyone…keep reading becuse there are better masks for you below. Deep cleansing masks are good to use at night, right before you go to bed. Do not apply before makeup- your pores are already opened up and all that excess dirt/oil has been brought up to the top so we do not want to clog it with more makeup.

Hydrating Masks

These masks are wonderful if you are looking to plump the skin and to hydrate it, not moisturize it. These masks often confuse people because they think they are moisturizing their face, but they are just giving it a boost of hydration. These are great to use when traveling as I mentioned in last Monday’s blog post. This Friday is St. Patty’s Day and I’m sure most of us will be indulging in green beer …lots and lots of green beer. Now the day after we overdue the alcohol consumption our skin is just flat out horrible and needs major TLC!!! I love to use hydrating masks because they will totally perk up my skin and re-hydrate it until I’m able to replace the water loss. I recommend using these masks often and they are good for every type of skin. Yeaaaaaa, you heard me correctly…Oily, combination, dry, whatever you got it works for you!! Also us mama’s tend to get very little sleep every now and again and hydrating masks are great to reverse that tired, sleepy, and overly exhausted look we’ve got on our face!


Once again Moisturizing masks and Hydrating masks often get  confused, but they are very different. Moisturizing masks replenish the moisture in your skin! Great for combination skin and dry skin; if you’ve got oily skin then i’d avoid this type of mask. This is another masks that I’d apply the night before. Sometimes it can leave a buildup and that can cause some issues when applying our makeup. Just throw it on right before bed and wake up moisturized! If you’ve got suuuuuper dry skin than applying it the day will work just fine, but i’d test it out before a big day.

Brightening Mask

Def the best!!! You will only get temporary results so it is for susre best to use right before an event or applying makeup. These masks can be used daily and won’t bring out any zits. Now because the results are immedite and only last for a little while, I do not recommend doing it the night before. If you do apply this in the evenign before bed then by the time you wake up the results will have faded. So let’s apply this right when we need it!!! Brightening masks smooth out fine lines,  and firm up the skin, giving you that glowy appearance!!! Perfect for all skin types!

Soothing masks

If you’ve got sensitive skin or irritated skin from another mask… ooooor just our daily environmental stressors getting to your skin, then this is yo mask! Soothing masks help to calm redness and soothe the skin; pretty self explanatory. I highly recommend applying this masks at night and before bed.

Eye masks

I’m sure we are all aware that I am totally about this eye masks life right now!!! I love the Nerium under eye patches and use them in practically every video I’ve done since they have been released. These are great for puffy eyes , dark circles, fine lines … within 20 minutes they are all gone!!

Over-night masks

Well these are pretty self explanatory!

Here are just a few of my favorite face masks:


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