Aging vs Sleeping

Believe it or not, these two go hand in hand and actually affect each other in masses. For example, as we age, our sleep patterns modify and change. A little less palpable, as we sleep, we can actually age at a faster rate; depending on certain circumstances of course. Well, what are some of those conditions? Can we avoid them? Below I will explain what they are and certainly, how we can all avoid them.

From a young age, our brain waves are higher and slower, and both reverse as we get older. What that means is that the younger you are, the deeper sleep you can get into. As you get older, your brain waves get lower and faster, which puts us into a much lighter sleep. This isn’t really something that we can avoid, since it is hard wired through our brains, but what about sleeping to avoid aging? Now THAT is something we can avoid to keep our skin and bodies young and fresh!

It has been proven that sleeping on your side can actually increase the formation of wrinkles in your face. Lauren Ploch an MD from Georgia explains that sleeping on your stomach isn’t much better either, so that stands us with one possibility, our backs. If you can control the position that you fall asleep in, then get a head start on the rest of us. By sleeping on your back, you will reduce the number of wrinkles that form throughout the years.

Another hard to believe item that can impose on our wrinkle-less faces are certain types of fabrics. Yep, our pillow covers could also be giving us unwanted/undeserved wrinkles. Another MD, Rachel Nazarian from NY explains that cotton and flannel have a tendency to adhere and tug on our skin. Even though it isn’t a noticeable feeling, 6-8 hours every single night adds up. Easy fix: Stay away from cotton and flannel fabrics for your pillow covers.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. Things to remember – try sleeping on your back and change your pillow covers to anything except flannel and cotton. Stay tuned for more great content, and don’t forget to Subscribe if you haven’t don’t so yet. Thanks again!