“Upside down eye makeup” is a trend that I’ve been obsessing over lately. It sounds kind of crazy, but I promise it’s actually subtle. It involves taking your favorite eye pencil (bonus points if it’s a vivid color like turquoise or burgundy), and lining the lower lash line. Blend with a fluffy brush, and that’s it. Add a couple swipes of mascara and a subtle shimmery base on the upper lid, and you’re good to go. Basically, it’s a fun twist on an otherwise traditional eyeliner style. It’s unexpected, chic, and totally wearable for everyday.

The only catch is that you should probably use a waterproof liner (especially if you have oily skin or worse, seasonal allergies). The last thing you want is a raccoon-like smudge of color on your under eye area. So, with that being said, check out a few of my favorite waterproof liners (in my favorite shades)!

This Urban Decay pencil is super smooth and creamy, yet lasts for hours at a time. I like the shade “Deep End” which is bright metallic aqua. Just apply along the lash line, and then blend down slightly.

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Then, there’s this Marc Jacobs waterproof pencil. This shade is called Fine 47 and it’s gorgeous wine red. The gel consistency means the color stays put, perfect for this type of look.

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