Travel Recap: Hawaii 2016

Hey guys! I just touched down back in LA from an amazing trip to Hawaii with the fam bam. Hawaii is always a good option. Seriously, everyone loves Hawaii. I wanted to write a little post to talk about some of our favorite spots during our trip as well as a few tips about skincare for your upcoming vacations. Check it out!

Must Sees In Hawaii:

  • I just got back from Waimea on the Big Island, we stayed at The Mauna Kea. Rather than opting for a hotel, we rented a house and it was fabulous!
  • I also love Maui and Kauai. Each island is so unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

SPF & Skincare:

We all know skincare and applying sunscreen are crucial to the health and wellness of our skin. It’s the basics of all makeup and beauty knowledge. Don’t forget to measure spf protection against UVA rays! Here’s a tip: Use a teaspoon for each body part or area! Here’s some of my favorite products for me:

  • La Roche- Posay SPF 60 Melt in Sunscreen Milk –  Nice texture and really worked!
  • Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balms- Love this to protect the lips, plus the formula gives a very natural flush on the lips.. I even used it on my cheeks. That’s cheeky!
  • UNSUN tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30- Love this because it’s tinted and works on any skin tone. I used this on my face so I didn’t look super pale. It was pretty and worked perfectly.
  • Clinique Superdefense Eye cream- Great for the eye area which can sometimes get irritated but general SPF. It was perfect!
  • Beach Bum Sun Bum Water Resistant. This stuff is awesome.

If you have young ones, I highly recommend traveling with them. It’s an incredible and meaningful way to make memories and share beautiful moments with the kiddos. My two littles had an absolute blast! If you are planning on taking a much needed vacay and bringing the kids along, here are a few of my favorite products for keeping the kids skin safe in the sun!

  • Honest Beauty SPF 50- This puppy is amazing. It might be thick but NO BAD RAYS get through it. It protected me and my kids all week. Put this on my 1  and 5 year old every day
  • Neutrogena Sport worked super well during my workouts and our daily adventures outside!
  • BabyGanics mineral based sunscreen spray SPF 50. Great for my kids. All of the natural products are great on my kids. The chemical filled ones work fine on me, but my son gets a rash from them. Stickin’ to organic for little Simon.

Thanks for reading, comment below and let me know what your favorite family travel destinations are!

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