Hey guys!!! So I’m off for another work filled weekend, and I thought I’d share some of my top travel essentials I never leave home without:

  1. SPF: NEVER EVER leave your house without applying some type of SPF. Even if doesn’t look as sunny out, or if you’re going to be on a plane the majority of the day. It’s important to always keep your skin safe.
  2. Jacket: Those planes can get pretty cold!! Stay layered and comfortable with a warm jacket or cardigan.
  3. Makeup Wipes: This will help rehydrate your skin after that airplane ride sucked the life out of your face!!
  4. Portable / Extra Phone Charger: I’m always on my phone. For work, family, friends or just to catch up on the latest news! Bring an extra one with you, in case your luggage gets lost, or a portable option in case there’s no available outlets.
  5. Sleeping Mask: When you need some “me” time and you don’t want to talk to your family. HA!

Want to know more about what I bring with me? Check out this awesome video I did with Proactiv and MyLifeAsEva. Now this video is back from when I was still preggo with baby Simon, but my travel essentials haven’t changed!!!


What are some things you always bring with you? Let me know!!