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Happy first day of spring!

I am so happy that one of my favorite seasons is finally here! I absolutely love spending springtime outdoors, but you all know how I suffer from those dreaded allergies this time of year.

Thankfully, I take Zyrtec for consistent allergy relief, which is why I’m beyond excited to partner with the brand for the fifth year in a row to share some of the beauty secrets I use to help my clients who are also allergy sufferers.

The Zyrtec brand coined the phrase “Allergy Face” to refer to the beauty challenges associated with allergies. Throughout the years, we have compiled tips and tricks to help alleviate those challenges including watery eyes, red nose, and puffiness.

This year, I am sharing my top ten tips to combat Allergy Face to help you have a happy & beautiful allergy season.

  1. Wash your hands and face before applying any product to your face to remove allergens and other irritants which can worsen Allergy Face symptoms.
  1. To move attention away from a red nose, it’s important to pick a shade of lipstick with a hint of color! Opt for plums and pinks to ensure a finished look that distracts from Allergy Face beauty challenges.
  1. Keep your powder bronzers, eye shadows, and blushes clean by taking an empty spooly brush (disposable mascara wand) and scrape away the first layer of powder once a month.
  1. Applying cool moisturizer may help reduce puffiness caused by allergies, so store moisturizer in your refrigerator. Before bedtime, remove all your makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply the cool cream to your face to soothe and nourish skin during the night.
  1. When dealing with watery eyes, be sure to apply mascara by starting at the root of your lashes and drawing the wand upwards in one steady motion. Avoid wiggling the wand or blinking, as that can cause eyes to water even more and leave you with smudges.
  1. After cleansing, use a hydrating toner to remove anything that might be left behind. Toners with calendula extract will help reduce puffiness.
  1. Always choose a wipeable makeup bag that is easy to clean and should be sanitized frequently. The pros keep extra makeup-removing towelettes on hand, as they can help reduce allergens and keep the interior and exterior of your makeup bag tidy.
  1. Consider using a gentle flat fan brush instead of a wand to apply mascara when you have watery eyes. Also, to shield the eyes, place a makeup sponge under your lashes while applying mascara. This will enable you to paint only the lashes, protecting your eyes and lower lids from potential irritation.
  1. Dab color correcting concealer to cover up any redness, especially around your nose when allergies are acting up.
  1. Allergy sufferers dealing with redness and puffiness should look for products that are all-natural or specifically designed for sensitive skin.

What are some of your Allergy Face tips?