Juggling Work & Family | Tips On Staying Organized

Hello! Today I am sharing with you guys some advice on staying organized when juggling both work and two kids. If you don’t know by now, I am a celebrity makeup artist. Basically, my life consists of being on set with clients and changes drastically from day to day. It’s so important to me to maintain a healthy and organized lifestyle, below are some of my go-to tips and tricks. Hopefully they can help some of you stay organized as well!

Tips & Tricks

  • Planner!
    • I use several planners including my Ban.do planner, a magnetic refrigerator calendar, and my phone calendar. My hubby and I link up on these to update weekly events between the kids and work.
  • Put yourself first
    • It’s important to take time to workout, read, get your nails done, or just have alone time. Stay sane mamas.
  • Digital planner
    • Google calendars are a miracle. Link yours with your family members, nanny, or assistants. You will get email notifications for upcoming events!
  • Use morning hours usefully
    • Every morning (unless I have a super early call time) I work out at 6am before the kiddies wake up. I like to take early workout classes or meet with my trainer in the mornings. Yay early birds.
  • When you’re home, be present.
    • I like to spend time with the kids when I’m home and focus on work when I’m away. Often times my job overlaps, so we incorporate the kids in fun ways such as Leni’s Youtube videos. I LOVE spending quality time snuggling Simon or playing with Leni when I’m home.
  • When you’re at work, be focused.
    • This one is debatable, since I’m rarely serious. However, being on set usually requires my focused attention with a little bit of fun and games thrown in there.
  • Always keep a backup charger for your phone, laptop, etc.
    • I freak out when my phone dies mid-day. I know, I’m dependent. Anyway, I like to stay charged all the time, so I carry around a portable charger or battery pack.

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