I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret about me. I love doing makeup but hair…jeesh can it be time consuming and difficult! Most weeks I’ll head to my favorite blow dry bar, Drybar, and get a blow out that will last me quite some time. Recently I discovered a new product that has completely changed the hair game for me. It’s called The AirIron. The first few times I used the AirIron I was able to skip my Drybar appointment and leave the house feeling like I didn’t! The AirIron is this small little contraption that fits on 99.9% of every blow dryer that gives you tousled, beach hair instantly! To all my curly haired girls out there- the AirIron will cut the time you usually spend blow drying your hair in half and eliminates the frizz that comes with using a blow dryer.

Check out the AIRIRON at their website http://theairiron.com/ and their Instagram @theairironproduct. I’m telling you guys- this little things is a GAME. CHANGER.