So I’m not sure if bringing a 4 ½ year old to a Taylor Swift concert was the best idea in the world, but when Proactiv invited me to watch the show in a private suite, I knew my Leni would love the adventure! Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but I dig her tunes. And so does my little girl.

Driving to the venue was a chaotic adventure by itself! Blasting our favorite Swift songs on the way, getting Leni more excited as we turned the parking lot chaos into a game. Seeing the smile on Leni’s face reminded me of my last concert— being in the musical presence of Queen Madonna a few years ago. I couldn’t wait to share this experience with her!!! After finally tackling a spot, my little sleepyhead woke herself up to “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and then, we were off!!

We walked through the parking maze, and I asked everyone if they knew where they were going, but no one knew. I was suddenly rethinking bringing Leni. This was hard enough for an adult to deal with, much less a 4 year old. But through the grace of Taylor Swift’s power, we finally found the entrance, walked up to VIP (we we were so lucky) and were immediately escorted up to the suite. But I had forgotten that another friend’s husband was throwing a partyFor Tommy Bahama at HYDE in the Staple Center, so that’s the list the bodyguard accidentally checked us off on!!!

Leni and I walked into HYDE and boy, was it a party! I can only imagine what Leni’s point of view was like— just staring at short skirts and well, that’s it. LOL. I was so excited to see my friend  Katie Sann, she walked us over to our seats, and Leni couldn’t believe it. I could see in her face that she was FREAKING OUT. She sat down in Katharine McPhee‘s seat, and refused to want to move. The party was full of celebs, but Leni couldn’t have cared less, she was mesmerized by the concert crowd and THAT STAGE! The performance hadn’t even started yet, but SHE WAS IN IT TO WIN IT. My friend Sara Mann (Kat’s bff) was also there and said it would good to get her a Shirley Temple. It was game on. We hung out for a little while Haim killed it but it was time to go to the Proactiv Suite. Leni and I arrived at our show suite and it was fabulous. My friend Kirbie Johnson was the first person I laid eyes on. I love her! I later saw Jill Cimorelli and Tara Michelle (awesome Youtubers that I pranked on Pretty LIttle Pranksters).

Leni couldn’t wait to see Taylor, and when she finally arrived, the crowd went wild!!!! Leni was so serious. Occasionally, she would let out a dance or fist pump, but she only did that when she knew a song. It was almost 10:30pm and I could see her eyes start to glaze. I was hoping she’d want to stay until Taylor played “Shake it Off” because, well, that’s mama’s fav! But she was ready to go. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd.

As we walked to the car, she said she really like the Taylor Swift Contest (she kept calling it that LOL), and it instantly warmed my heart. What a fun mother daughter moment. My little partner in crime. My love bug and I at her first concert. Little does she know how lucky she was to be in a suite! I will cherish that time forever. I hope she does.


Thank you Proactiv for the amazing suite, Leni and I had the best time at the show, all thanks to you guys!!


What was your first concert? Who did you go with? Comment below.





(image via aaareana)