Lately I have been really loving bright lip colors. Some days if I’m in a rush, the only makeup I’ll apply is a bright lipstick (along with some concealer for good measure) and head out!

There’s a catch- since it’s the last full month of summer—sigh—I’m all for low-maintenance lip colors that stay put throughout those long, hot days. That means no drying matte formulas, or runny high-shine glosses. Instead, I reach for a comfortable, long wearing lippie that I can blend out into a blotted look. You know, so it looks like you just drank a glass of wine or ate a cherry popsicle.

I adore this look because even though you’re using a bright, summery shade, the color progresses in a subtle way. Think of it like an ombre lip: the color should be light and sheer on the perimeter of the mouth, and bright and bold in the center, with a soft, seamless transition in between.

If you have the right product, achieving this look is easy. Take a look at my go-to products below.:

The two-toned lip product from Laneige is designed to apply in an ombre fashion. Keep the white-ish shade on the outside of the lips, and the color towards the center when you apply. They blend as you go, leaving you with a soft gradient of color. Trust me, it makes your lips look pouty and full and perfect.

My all-time favorite product to use for this look is this velvet lip pigment from Korean beauty brand I’m Meme. You click the bottom of the tube, like a pen, to push up the perfect amount of product on the cushion applicator. I like to concentrate the pigment in the center of my mouth, then take my ring finger and pat and blot outwards to get a perfect color transition. I’m completely obsessed—the creamy, yet powdery, pigment never feels heavy or drying. I can wear these all day with minimal upkeep! Plus, they come in a number of super fun colors; my favorite is lively orange, which is a coral-red that compliments my slightly tanned skin.