Hello hello!

Life has been pretty crazy with three kiddos at home! I recently gave a quick life update and ‘makeup tutorial for tired moms’ in my latest YouTube video. You can check that out HERE! I wanted to share with all of my fellow mamas a product that is changing the mom-game and helping me get more sleep. It is called the SNOO Smart Sleeper and it has COMPLETELY transformed my life! Quite a few of my mom friends have been raving about the SNOO and I was so happy when it arrived during Babe’s first few days home.


The price is a bit higher than your traditional baby bassinet but I am here to tell you it is worth every.single.penny. What makes it so great? Well, the SNOO Smart Sleeper is the FIRST responsive baby bassinet designed to boost sleep for baby AND parents. Since the SNOO has come into my life, Babe has been getting much better sleep and my dark circles are slowly fading. Can I get a hallelujah!

A few of SNOO’s amazing features:

-SNOO ‘hears’ your baby’s cries and automatically responds with the best level of sound and jiggly rocking… soothing most fussing in under a minute

-Swaddle secures baby on the back…preventing risky rolling

-Only bed to meet all American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations

-It comes with

  • 1-SNOO Smart Sleeper
  • 1-SNOO organic cotton fitted sheet
  • 1-SNOO mattress
  • 3-SNOO sacks
  • Free mobile app download. Features customizable settings, easy weaning feature, and weekly sleep tips from Dr. Karp
  • Free shipping AND returns!

Amazing, right? Right now HappiestBaby.com is giving my followers a special discount of $425 off a SNOO Baby Bassinet! Use code JAMIE425 at checkout to receive the discounted price. Offer valid until December 31st at midnight. I’m telling you mamas…the SNOO baby bassinet is the REAL DEAL.