Skincare Lines I Love // Tammy Fender + Zo Skin Health

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! Mine was incredible, I spent time with my two adorable kids and my wonderful hubby! Proper skincare is vital to achieving a perfect makeup application. Lately on my EPMA videos I have been receiving a lot of questions about good skincare lines for older skin and Organic/ natural lines that I recommend. So here they are!


Zo Skin Health

Created by Dr. Zien Obagi this line of skincare products used the super powers of science to help our complexion. I love recommending this product line because, not only am I obsessed myself, but they have an incredible variety of products to help with just about everything!! Acne treatment, they got you… anti-aging, they got it… dark spots, products for this too! Perfect for any age and any sensitivity level.

Being as Dr. Zien Obagi was a practicing Dermatologist for years, he knows that sometimes we need skincare products for daily use and then there are times we need something a bit more intense. He created two lines – Zo Skin Health which is meant for daily treatment and to maintain the results or ZO Medical. Zo Medical is specifically designed to treat those with skin disorders or chronic conditions.


Shop ZO Skin Health Here

Tammy Fender

You all have seen her products frequently on my work station table, that’s because I just love this product line and want to share it with my clients! Tammy Fender is an all natural, organic, holistic skincare line that works on a cellular level to help restore & protect our skin. The products smell fantastic, which is a big deal with me, and are made from great quality ingredients.

Every time I bring them to work with me, I end up leaving the product with my clients because they are instantly addicted!! Tammy Fender’s skincare line extends past the face; with Body Oils, Intensive Repair Balms, Cellulite & Stretch Mark Serums, the possibilities are endless. Soooo if you are looking to maintain that healthy glow and would prefer using an all natural line, then this is all you!!

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Remember to give your skin some love because good makeup starts with good skin! Have a wonderful week guys!!!!