Skin Rescue | How To Save Your Skin after Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Drink water… duh!

With St. Patty’s day tomorrow, there will be an abundant amount of Green Beer in sight. Most will drink a large quantity of green beer and the rest of us might just stay out too late. Whatever you end up doing on St. Patty’s Day, I know our skin will need some major TLC the day after. After a night out, our skin becomes super de-hydrated, tired looking, and over all very unpleasant! I’ve got a few tips for faking that well rested and youthful looking skin the day after.

When your skin is dehydrated our fine lines are more visible, our skin looks dull, and pores are super obvi! Make sure to drink a ton of water before you go out… I mean A TON! It’s very easily forgotten once you enjoy a glass or too of that high alcohol content Guinness, but enjoy a glass of water in between every drink. OH! and of course the entire day after! Water is the best, for our skin and to prevent those horrible hangovers.

The Night Of – Skincare

No matter how tipsy we get or how tired we are from staying out all night, make sure to wash your face before bed!!! I have heard it a million times, ” I was going to, but then I was too tired so I laid down and fell asleep.” Don’t let it get to that point. What I recommend is laying out those face wipes in an obvious place- nightstand, bathroom sink, right next to the water you have set up. In your purses… whatever area you think you would easily spot them! Sleeping with makeup on can only increase the chance of red, irritated skin and this is what we are trying to avoid!! Also after you wash your face it’s best to apply a soothing moisturizer.

Rise and Shine

Let’s start off with a nice exfoliating wash; this will remove any alcohol damaged skin cells. Throw on a hydrating/moisturizing facial mask to re-energize your skin, replenish the loss moisture from the alcohol, and to plump your skin back up. QUICK TIP: If your skin is showing major signs of redness then throw your hydrating mask in the fridge for a few minutes before applying, this will help soothe as well as hydrate! Hopefully you’ve already planned for Saturday off because you’ll need the rest and a makeup free day! If you can, let your skin breath today, go makeup free!!! Last, but not least you’ll need a double dose of caffeine Saturday morning … one to consume and the other a caffeinated eye cream. Using a caffeinated eye cream will help to calm down the puffy eyes.

Remember, the more you drink the faster the aging process. Having a drink now and then can be okay, but try and not to consume alcoholic beverages daily because the older we get the slower our body bounces back and the quicker those fine lines will turn to wrinkles. Preventative measures ladies!!

Now go have fun and be safe! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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