Hey Peeps,

Every year I set out to raise some money for The Ovarian Circle.

This charity helps raise awareness, supports families going through it, and helps with research. I try to do something every year to give back to this charity. My mom passed from this stupid disease almost 7 years ago 🙁 This year instead of a Soul Cycle ride, I decided to make two t-shirts.

The shirts have nothing to do with Cancer, which is good because…well you get it.

Instead the first one is for the makeup artists or makeup artists at heart out there. I created a brush and product filled pocket and if you look super closely…the pocket stitching says “I’m Haute Shit”. Because you should love yourself and also my mom was from Jersey…and secretly her favorite word was shit. This one is $24.00. I’m selling these for 3 weeks, so get one before it’s too late.

Click Here to buy ” Haute Shit Makeup Pocket”

The second shirt is for anyone who just had a baby or wants to pretend they did. It says ” I JUST HAD A BABY…leave me alone”. I love wearing this to the gym. I want to go at my own pace and I want people to leave me alone….LOL. This one is $22.00.

Click  HERE to buy “I JUST HAD A BABY….leave me alone”


Thanks for checking this out. Keep you posted on how things are going. Thanks for your support and love through everything. You guys make me smile!


Jamie Makeup Greenberg