Sassy Lips // Can You See Me Now?

Sassy Lips launched a new limited-edition lipcolor by the name of  “Can You See Me Now?”  This color was create to support the Wear Orange Campaign. On June 2nd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we were asked to wear Orange and share on social media. I unfortunately did not receive this product in time, so I wasn’t aware of this campaign and what they stand for.


Wear Orange Campaign

Hadiya Pendelton was a high school student who was shot and killed on a Chicago playground, just one week after participating in President Obama’s inaugural parade. Her close friends decided that they would honor her by wearing the color Orange. They chose Orange due to the meaning it held with hunters. When you are off hunting in the woods, orange makes you more visible and ensures safety.  Two years after Hadiya’s death, people were asked nationwide to join in by honoring her life and the lives of the 93 other Americans who are killed daily by gun violence.

As the years have passed Wear Orange has grown dramatically; receiving support from former President Obama, 100 nonprofits, Kim Kardashian West, Chelsea Handler, the San Fransisco Giants, and Steph Curry, just to name a few!!

On June 2nd and 3rd people walked the street of America wearing orange in support of this wonderful cause! Buildings turned orange and even social media went orange crazy! This tradition is only going to grow and help stop gun violence here in the states. As a beauty fanatic, I’m in love with the fact that they created an orange lipstick. I will wear this color in memory  of all that have lost their lives due to guns and in hopes that we can stop this ever so growing trend.

This is a wonderful cause and I hope you all learned a lot about what they stand for by reading this post! If you have any more questions or want to learn more, just check out their website.  Sassy Lips, Can You See Me Now? can be purchased on their website. Links are below!!

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