Let’s talk about priming moisturizers. I love using them when I’m short on time, because they do two things at once; they perfect skin so makeup applies flawlessly and lasts extra long, and they also moisturize and nourish the skin with botanical extracts and lots of hydration. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that the saying “kill two birds with one stone” was created to describe priming moisturizers.

Another benefit of this do-it-all product is that it saves money (yay!). Instead of a daily moisturizer plus a separate priming product, you can purchase one formula that does both! The best ones are silicone-free and full of good-for-skin ingredients. It’s also important that they sink into the skin, offering a weightless feel. If they sit atop the skin with a waxy finish—which some are wont to do—that kind of defeats the purpose. So, check a few of my favorite ones that I like bring with me when I’m on the go!

My first pick is this one from Make Beauty. It’s called the Moonlight Primer, and it’s a gel that transforms into a cream as you rub it in. It can be quite nerve-wracking to use the first time, since the gel is black (but don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be, it’s not a defect). I pump the bottle once or twice into my palm and rub my hands together before patting it over my face. It sinks invisibly into my skin, making it feel super hydrated and smooth. I also notice that my makeup stays looking fresh, longer.

Next is this one from Glossier. The tube is travel-friendly (only 1.7 fluid oz, people!) and does a great job moisturizing and prepping skin for even makeup application. This one also gives a nice dewy finish, for those of us who love a good glow.  It has a cushiony texture, so once it’s on your face, your skin feels bouncy and supple.