Prep, Prime, and Set All With Urban Decay

With Summer right around the corner we have two options sweat off all the makeup you worked so hard to apply or Prep, Prime, and Set the crap out of it so you’ll have perfect skin ALL DAY LONG. I’d say that’s not a difficult choice. So there are a million different prepping and setting products, but my all time favorite is Urban Decay. There are a bunch of different options for practically every skin type! That is super helpful because every client I work with has a different skin concern. Before I get into explaining which is best for you I think we should talk about the differences.


This is vital step! If you are looking to hydrate your skin ooooor minimize the oil then this is where it’s at. Prepping sprays are the base, some even applied before moisturizers or instead of.


Primers are used to create the perfect canvas for your makeup. Looking for smooth skin…prime. Want to minimize your pores… prime. Control shine…prime. Basically for a flawless look you’ll need a great primer.


No more re-applying on a big day. Just a few sprays of your favorite Urban Decay setting spray and you are good to dance the night away and take endless selfies!

Now it’s time to figure out which ones are best for your skin type!!!

Prepping Sprays


  • loaded with vitamins
  • absorbs oil
  • balances skin
  • evens skin tone

Quick Fix:

  • Helps hydrate skin
  • diminishes the look of large pores
  • brightens and smooths skin


Optical Illusion:

  • Gives you that airbrushed effect
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines
  • Shrinks those stubborn large pores


  • Controls Shine… no one likes that glossy look on their t-zone
  • smoothes out your skin for a perfect canvas
  • Diminishes the appearance of pores

Bright & Tight:

  • Illuminates your skin
  • Gives it a tight appearance with an even skin tone

Setting Sprays

All Nighter:

  • Your makeup will last up to 16 hours
  • Ideal for all skin types!!!


  • Oil Control
  • Reduces the need for touch ups


  • Cooling/ Hydrating
  • Great for that dewy skin look!!
  • Ideal for those of you with dry skin


I’m a huge fan of these products and I’m sure after you all find the right ones for you then you’ll join the Prep, Prime, and Set party.

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