Pet Care Products // Kiehl’s & Burt’s Bees

Did you know that Kiehl’s & Burt’s Bees have a pet care line?! I frequently use both companies on my celeb clients for big events, such as the Golden Globes and/or the Oscars, but the biggest surprise to most is that our dog, Ithaca is totally pampered with their pet care lines. Ithaca, our dog/fur baby, is a loving member of our family so when it comes to products we will use on him, we are very picky!!

I love to use both product lines, but here are some of the differences I have found between them. Let’s disect Kiehl’s first…


  • All natural dog products such as waterless spray, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Same standards as Kiehl’s “human” product line
  • Leaves a shiny and soft coat!!!

Burt’s Bees

  • All Natural grooming and oral care products for both dogs and cats!
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, spray, waterless shampoo, eye wash, wipes, and soooo much more
  • Good for our planet and good for our fur babies!!!
  • Smells Great
  • Doesn’t lather that much, but trust me it is working!!!

Where can you buy these products? I’ve got you covered, find a store close by!