Naturally Beautiful // Vert + Burt’s Bees

Ignore all the stereotypes of natural makeup lines being bad and not doing their job properly. I used to be one of those people, but that now I’ve been trying out new natural beauty products in search of the best “green beauty” line for my clients, I have become a huge fan of this “eco-chic” trend.  Let’s do an overview of why natural product lines might be good for you; for those with sensitive skin, people who are looking to only apply ingredients that they know topically to their face last, but not least if you are a vegan. If you don’t fit in to any of those categories, don’t worry neither do I, but I still use these products!

The first company I’m going to talk about is Burt’s Bees. For the millionth time I will share my love of Burt’s Bees products!!! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I am a avid user of Burt’s Bees natural makeup; I use it on my clients, myself, and my daughter Leni even loves playing around with the lip colors. Lipstick, lip gloss, bb cream, Burt’s has a variety of natural makeup products. The makeup lasts, it is wonderful for those with sensitive skin, anyone looking for some fun lip colors that will also hydrate your chapped winter lips. Burt’s Bees lasts for a reasonable amount of time- this is why I have used it on Rashida Jones for multiple red carpet appearances! Best part is, it won’t brake your budget!!! You can purchase Burt’s products at your local grocery store.

Now on to my numba two selection, Vert Beauty. I am already a huge fan of Vert’s brushes, but recently I decided to try out their makeup line. Vert has redefined the natural makeup line stereotype! They use pure ingredients, Vegan formulas, and high performance… YESSSSSSS! The application is great and the colors are bold. Only Organic ingredients are used in their products and their packaging is super cute!! This is a line I have used on multiple clients and they now love it too.



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