Natural Is Making It’s Comeback…Stop With The Heavy Contouring!

As we saw last month at both, London and New York Fashion week, the no makeup look is making it’s comeback. Stop with the heavy contouring and let’s show off what our mama gave us! I am all about this natural look, I love showing off distinct features like freckles, moles, and such. Of courses, I totally enjoy letting my creativity go, playing around with fun colors and bold makeup, but it’s not always practical for everyday wear. This no makeup, makeup look is super easy to achieve and great for the warmer weather. As it warms up, no one enjoys a ton of caked on makeup slowly sweating off. YUCK!

I’m going to walk you through how to achieve the very natural, ” I woke up like this” look.


  1. I always go with light coverage. BB creams are excellent if you have a few blemishes you’d like to cover as well. Now if you have some redness in your skin or just uneven skin tone, then go with a CC cream; it’ll provide a light, tinted coverage and say bye bye to your skin discoloration.
  2. For your brows- stay subtle, fill in the areas that need to look more full, but don’t overdo it. We want to portray that natural look so over shaping them with your brow pencil is too much!
  3. I don’t recommend using an under eye concealer unless you have really bad dark circles that you need to hide. The majority of us have a slight tint under our eyes so if that’s you, then leave it alone. Play off of it and the tinted moisturizer will be just fine!
  4. No on the eyeshadow today, let that natural color show!
  5. If you feel you need some pop to your eyes then add a light coat of mascara to your top lashes only.
  6. If you feel a little washed out, then a nice light lip tint is nice and maybe even use your pointer finger to remove some and apply to the apples of your cheeks. This is more of a subtle/natural way to achieve a faint blush.

Let’s Get Started!


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