Music Festival Beauty Tips

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Music festival season is upon us, meaning long days in the warm sun and lots of pollen loosely blowing in the wind. If you suffer from allergies like me, then I have some tips for you to both look and feel your best this spring.

I’m working with ZYRTEC® this year to encourage my clients and women everywhere to get outside and really make spring count! I have worked with the brand for the past four years to develop tips and tricks to treat ALLERGY FACE® – the red nose, puffiness and watery eyes that accompany allergies. These tips are essential for when you are enjoying the outdoors during allergy season – especially musical festivals, where the dust and pollen are getting kicked up constantly. Thankfully, ZYRTEC® helps relieve my allergy symptoms, especially sneezing and itchy eyes, which in my opinion, are the absolute worst when you are just trying to have fun.


You should always prepare for a day outside in the spring when allergies might flare up. ZYRTEC® really is the first step in relieving allergy symptoms, and along with my ALLERGY FACE® makeup tips, you will be set for a great day at your favorite festival.


Watery Eyes

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is applying makeup without washing their face first. This is huge! If you apply makeup without washing first, you may already have pollen or other irritants on your skin, which will just trap it and make everything so much worse. Be sure to wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup.
  • When dealing with watery eyes, be sure to apply mascara by starting at the root of your lashes and drawing the wand upwards in one steady motion. Avoid wiggling the wand or blinking, as that can cause eyes to water even more and leave you with smudges.


Red Nose

  • There are quite a few preparations that you can use to combat a red nose. Dab color correcting concealer to cover up any redness, especially around your nose when allergies are really acting up.
  • To take the attention off of your nose, give your cheeks a rosy glow, with a cream blush in a soft pink or peach shade. This will keep you looking great while diverting any and all attention from a red nose. It’s a win-win!
  • It is worth noting that if you have sensitive skin or have severe allergies, you may want to start looking into all-natural makeup products, as well as ones that are designed for sensitive skin. These are less harsh on your skin and can really help during this season.



  • This can get super annoying, super fast! I get it bad, and I can’t stand it. Especially when paired with itchy eyes! Apply a tinted moisturizer to hydrate your skin, which can reduce the look of puffiness caused by allergens.
  • Exfoliating with a sonic facial cleansing brush helps to nourish the skin and reduce some of that puffiness.
  • After a long day at a festival, be sure to remove all of your makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply the cool cream to your face which will soothe and nourish your skin throughout the night.


All in all, spring is upon us and allergies are out and about. Myself, along with many of my clients, suffer from allergies on an almost daily basis. ZYRTEC® and these tips for ALLERGY FACE® will help you be prepared for a day outdoors to make spring count.

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