Being a mom is a full time, 24/7 job that I wouldn’t change for the world. I don’t however, mind a little help! Our kids are always running around, running into things, getting scratches, getting sick and Lord knows what else! Here are some Mom hacks I turn to whenever the little ones are sick or get themselves into trouble! I hope these help you out too!!

Congestion: Try rubbing some Vapor Rub on your kids chest each night for a week. They may complain of the smell, but it’ll help clear their congestion that much faster!

Sore Throat: Give your kids some hot water, mixed with a lot of honey and squirts of lemon juice. It’ll taste so sweet, they won’t even realize that it’s helping with their throat pain!

Constipation: Over-the-counter drugs can be too harsh, and frankly too dangerous for the digestive systems of little kids. That’s why I always try to go the most natural way. When your kids gotta go, but can’t, try giving them these snacks to help the um, process go by smoother. Fiber-rich foods such as pears, carrots, peaches, whole grain breads, green peas, brown rice, oatmeal and prunes will help get the job done.

Allergy Color Code: Have a new babysitter and don’t want them forgetting your kids food allergies? Try color coding foods in the fridge and pantry with large colored stickers of what foods your kid is allergic to. Post a coordinating list on the fridge. That way, if you have a new babysitter, friend or family member first time sitting for your kids, they won’t miss it!

Airplane Rides: If you do need to travel with a sick child, try booking a flight during their regular nap/sleep time hours. Or keep them awake until you’re on the flight. As cruel as that may sound, your fellow passengers will thank you, and so will your sick child! Read other lifesaving kid + airplane trip tips here.


What are some mom hacks you use when your kids are sick? I’d love to know!!





(image via thestir.cafemom)