Summer 2017 has been atrocious to my skin! Los Angeles is in the middle of a heatwave, causing my skin to become very dehydrated. I’m also six months pregnant- stretch marks, melasma, and sun sensitivity galore! I am constantly searching for products to help me nourish my skin and I have yet to find a product as great as New Mederma Quick Dry Oil.

What I love most about  Mederma Quick Dry Oil is that it is super moisturizing and hydrating without being too oily. Most oil-based products are heavy and greasy – this one isn’t.  It is so lightweight that it can even be worn during the day! It is also paraben and dye-free and contains natural botanicals such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil and chamomile extract- ingredients I can feel good about using while pregnant!

I apply the sheer oil at night after a hot shower so it has all night to work its magic. Some days I’ll even apply it on my legs for a lustrous shine before an event and by the time I walk out the door, its dry!

My skin is very happy after using the Quick Dry Oil for only a few short weeks. Mederma scar cream has been a staple in my home for many years and I am excited to add this one to the list.

Shop New Mederma Quick Dry Oil on! It is available in three sizes 3.4oz ($8.49), 5.1oz ($12.81), and 6.8oz ($19.98). Talk about a bargain, am I right?

Thank you Mederma for partnering with me on this post!