Here’s a great organization I really care about!! Now we all love our products— from our makeup brands, to our personal care and household items, but did you know the majority of these products use animal testing?!
I discovered this awesome website called Cruelty Free International, an organization who’s mission is to completely end animal testing, for a future of cruelty free products! They’re the only recognized group to certify products that have 100% made the cruelty-free change.

I decided to do my research to see which products made the cut, and was absolutely shocked by the outcome. Although a lot of products are doing their part to end senseless animal testing, it’s not nearly enough. If we need to test products on animals to make sure they’re safe, we shouldn’t be using these products at all!!! If you wouldn’t want them tested on your children, why should we test them on defenseless animals?! They don’t use these products— we do, and they certainly don’t deserve this.


Please, check out their website for research, to see how you can donate and do your part!!! ​Go to: ​ to search for brands and products that are cruelty free and animal friendly.





(images via crueltyfreeinternational)