Friends Friday | Katie Jane Hughes

Hi there!! I am incredibly excited about this week’s guest on Friends Friday! Meet Katie Jane Hughes! Katie is an incredible make up artist based out of NYC! I stalk Katie on instagram all the time, she’s absolutely beautiful and has perfected the “natural beauty” look. Check out her interview & some of her work below!

How long have you been in the industry?

Around 9 years, 6 in London and 3 in NYC. 

What drew you to pursuing a career in makeup full time?

My mum was a singer and always wore a lot of makeup so I think it was those years of looking at her perfect red lip and bold black lash that made me love makeup. I love the way makeup can change your mood, your vibes and your whole look. 

What was your first professional experience like?

I feel like I’m still having a lot of firsts. I mean a day at work in makeup here in NY can vary a lot from day to day. I will tell you about the first time I assisted (something every aspiring makeup artist MUST do) it was at fashion week on a big beauty brands m show team and I was nervous as hell. I took my completed model to the lead to get approved. I commented that the model had an uneven lip line to cover my back for a wonky lip job. She snapped and said don’t blame her. You should be able to draw it if she had no lips. I learned quickly not to make excuses and get the job done. 

You have a very natural style, what are 3 skincare tips you would share?

Find the cleanser that works for you and stick to it. Don’t over use the powder. And your brows should be the most subtle, yet strongest feature on your face.  

What/ who is a daily inspiration for you?

The Instagram community that I chat with daily. I have lovely support from people that follow me on social. I do what I do on IG for them. To try and inspire people to have fun with makeup, and that we should all look like our selfs vs each other. Unfortunately, that’s what Instagram makeup style is doing. 

What do you prefer: glossy or matte makeup? Why?

Glossy. Because it looks fresher, younger and more editorial. 

Three hair products you can’t live without?

Bumble and bumble curl mousse, my GHD curve waving wand and The Ouai Wave spray. 

What advice would you give to others who have the desire to pursue a career as a makeup artist?

Assist and assist some more. Don’t run to the makeup school. It’s prob not the route that the people you aspire to have taken. 

What has been the most challenging & rewarding parts about your career?

Challenging… the new people. I’m not good with new people. I don’t like feel like a new newbie on set and unfortunately that’s a common reoccurrence. Rewarding is when you do your self proud and you nail a look or a detail you didn’t think you could. 

Just for fun, tell us your favorite things about living in New York.

The restaurants, the comedy cellar in west village, and fashion week. 

We want to stay connected. Where can we find you? 

Thanks for reading, be sure to follow Katie to see her most recent work! You won’t regret it! Lastly, shop some of Katie’s favorite hair & skin products below.