I love Jeanne Yang. She really might be one of the coolest people I know! She is always wearing something so cool, you just want to go out and buy it right away. I met her early in my career, when we worked together on a shoot with Norman Jean Roy. I mean talk about heavy hitters! I remember thinking how nervous I was because I didn’t feel worthy to be working the same job as them. When I did get to the job, Jeanne welcomed me with open arms. She was kind, passionate, and hilarious! We hung out that day, talking about fashion, the industry, and jewels. She’ll never know how much she put me at ease that day. It changed me in a way.

What I love most about Jeanne is that she is top notch at her job, but also completely down to earth. It’s a rare find in this industry. She dresses some of the biggest names in Hollywood— from Robert Dooney Jr., Christian Bale, Katie Holmes and so much more, Jeanne  has a flawless talent for style. Her amazing looks have been featured in magazines such as GQ, Vogue and Rolling StoneShe’s also a killer consultant for fashion designers and cosmetic companies! She continues to dress and create amazing looks. If I ever need inspiration or have a fun idea, I will always look towards Jeanne for advice. She’s the cream of the crop!!!!!

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been doing this for almost 20 years, starting at a magazine called Detour.

How would you describe your styling aesthetic?

I prefer to listen to my clients and research all images of them online to see what works. I try to compliment and help them to speak the language of clothing. I succeed if the person looks great, but even more if they feel amazing! I really feel like it looks great if I can articulate what they want to portray. I am their marketing department.

Have you always had an eye for fashion, or did you grow into your fashion sense?

I am an fashion empath. I do a lot of work looking at body types, colors and silhouettes. I also think after working at this for so long, I have a shorthand, like the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 Hour Rule.

What’s your favorite thing about being a stylist?

I truly enjoy hearing a client tell me that they felt so much better because I helped them.

How do you constantly keep your looks fresh?

Observing people, checking out people on the street, looking at my daughters, their friends and the younger girls I work with. I also love Japanese fashion magazines. Free & Easy and Spur are both amazing ways to check out the trends that are about to happen…

What’s your favorite award show or red carpet event you like to style?

I love dressing people for the Golden Globes, as they are always the beginning of award season, and you can have more fun.

What’s the hardest thing about being a stylist?

You are always shlepping stuff around, incurring lots of expenses, FedEx, messengers items that are lost and waiting to get paid for expenses.

You style both men and women— what’s the major difference between dressing your male and female clients? Is there any?

There is a lot more accessories for women. Now that men can have more fun, it is really quite similar in choices.

What’s a misconception when it comes to men’s fashion?

Men always tend to wear things too large and think they look good this way, when typically, they just look heavier.

What are some tips every man should master to perfect his style?

Get everything tailored. Invest in two great pair of shoes. Never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row, as they will wear out twice as fast.

Who was someone you worked with that was truly awe-inspiring?

Chris Sacca is pretty badass. He was the initial funder for Twitter, Uber, Instagram and many other successful internet start ups. He is amazing to listen to as he so down to earth and yet a real genius.

You have beautiful twin daughters! Do you like to pick out their outfits, or do you let them go wild?

I sadly do not get to dress my girls anymore as they really prefer to pick everything out themselves… I do get veto power however!

Top 3 clothing essentials everyone should have in their closet?

A well made blazer is important, as you can always use one to elevate any look. A sexy black dress is a must have for cocktails or the party circuit. A great coat is so important as it is part of your first impression.

What are some high-end and affordable brands you’re currently obsessed with?

Obsessed with Atea Oceanie and the Protagonist. Both amazing lines that offer key staples for classic with a twist look.

Best career advice you’ve received?

Mistakes are okay as they help you learn, just don’t make the same one a second time…

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a professional stylist?

Apprentice for someone at least 2 to 4 years before taking off on your own. You will save lots of time, money and headaches…

Where can people find you?

Twitter @jeanneyangstyle

Instagram @theoriginalyangster

Check out this video Jeanne and I did together, back in the day!! SO FUN.


(images via the hollywood reporter & thewallgroup)