Humidifier Benefits For Your Skin

Did you know a humidifier can be used daily and not just when you are sick? Yesss, and they hold benefits for your skin! If you live in a climate where there is little moisture in the air… Arizona, Nevada, well you get the point!  Our skin loves moisture!!! We need to make sure and drink plenty of water and use good moisturizers to keep it hydrated, but sometimes that is not enough.


Humidifier’s help to replace that lost moisture in the air. Keeping your skin properly moisturized will decrease the chance of  fine lines, tired looking skin, and dry/patchy skin.  Another plus is when your skin is hydrated properly it will look plump and bright.  If you plan on spending a large amount of time in one room throughout the day, turn on the humidifier to replenish your skins moisture. Our moisture is constantly evaporating so load up on it!!! Personally, I enjoy sleeping with the humidifier on at night.

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P.S. Humidifier’s are great to use on people and/or children suffering with dry skin, eczema, and or too much fun in the sun!