Got a bad case of the mid-week blues? Can’t find the motivation to finish that last report or presentation for your boss by 3? A lot of people have a hard time being productive and have difficult times concentrating. Check out some tips on how to be productive, but also STAY productive at work!

  1. Prioritize Your Priorities: Set timelines! This is a step further than an ordinary “to do” list. By setting a time deadline for each task, this will motivate you to actually get that job done!
  2. Take Breaks: Take frequent, but productive breaks. Take a break after one or two major assignments or max after 90 minutes of working. And by breaks I don’t mean an hour of online shopping, or a quick Netflix episode (which can dangerously turn into a whole series LOL). Assign a quick 5 minute break to stand up, walk around, stretch, eat an apple, or briefly socialize with your coworkers. Then get back at it!
  3. Multitask: Don’t do it! As appealing as it sounds to conquer several things at once, it not only slows you down, but you’re also not able to fully complete one task while your mind is set on another! Work on one thing diligently! That way you’re not all over the place, and you have smaller chance of forgetting something!
  4. Commuter Help: If you commute to work and aren’t the driver, use that time to get to work. Respond to emails and set your task for the days. Or just use that time to meditate, destress and get yourself mentally and emotionally prepared for the work day ahead of you.
  5. Five Minute List: According to Forbes, if you ever find yourself unmotivated to start on a big project, shoot for a 5 minute list. Create a list of easy to do, low intensity goals like sorting or printing documents, quick desk organizing, or other tasks you can do in under 5 minutes. That way you’re still getting some work done, without wasting precious time! 
  6. Phone Silence: Too often we’re distracted by text messages, email pings and social media notifications that we can’t do our work. Don’t just put your phone on silent— put it on Do Not Disturb. This cancels out both sounds and visual notifications so you’re not disrupted during your work time.
  7. Environment Switch: If you can, switch up where you do your work. Go to a local coffee shop one week, try the library another day and maybe outside the next week. If you’re in an office cubicle, try near a window, in a group room or in the kitchen. A change of pace and scenery could do your mental and creativity flow some good!


What are some ways you like to be productive? Let me know in the comments!





(image via forbes)