When it comes to registering for baby, sometimes it can seem so overwhelming, right? All of the bottles and diapers and strollers – oh my! GuguGuru.com is here to help make the process easier, smoother and fit your lifestyle. Gugu Guru is a universal baby registry website which uses our fun style quizzes to customize your baby registry for you, based on your personal style and lifestyle. When we heard the wonderful Jamie of Jamie Makeup was pregnant with her third baby, we knew we wanted to share some of our favorite must-have baby items for baby #3! Since baby #3 probably has a lot of hand me downs, we wanted to focus on special and unique gifts for the new babe. Check out what we picked out for Jamie below!

Rookie Humans Crib Sheet: We’re obsessed with the gorgeous designs of Rookie Humans’ crib sheets – they make putting baby to sleep fun (well…). They’re not only soft, but perfect for taking memorable photos of baby.

Copper Pearl: Copper Pearl was originally created with the idea and hope to create a line of premium, trendy, and unique baby accessories and clothing. We wanted to make sure baby girl was well covered in gorgeous and soft designs – like these hooded muslin towels, which are not only utilitarian, but photoworthy. Copper Pearl sheets are also super cute – like this gender neutral black and white dino print, or navy geometric shapes. They also have the cutest top knot newborn hats and dreamy swaddle blankets. Their bandana baby bibs are not only adorable, but also perfect to have on hand for after feeding times or during teething. We love Copper Pearl’s fresh take on design – and very gender neutral – so if you weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby, it’s a perfect one-stop-shop for all baby and nursery accessories.

Babyganics: Of course, every new baby needs their own set of Babyganics bathtime essentials! That is most certainly not something the older siblings can pass down – but they can share with baby! We love Babyganics because it is safe for even the most sensitive of skin – and won’t sting your baby’s eyes. Win! Their delicious smelling bubble bath is fun for all the kids, and their shampoo will get everyone’s hair squeaky clean without fuss.

Vintage Honey Shop Necklace: We are fans of getting multipurpose gifts – and especially gifts for mama! We always tell pregnant moms, it’s okay to add things you want for yourself to your baby registry. Vintage Honey Shop is known for their gorgeous teething and nursing necklaces. Made from a huge assortment of beyond beautiful fabrics, these necklaces will make mama feel glam, all the white providing baby something to play with while nursing and something to teethe on too! With a ton of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one which fits your personal style.

Polka Dot Print Shop: When it comes to having a third (or second) baby, make sure you have a new baby book for them! We love Polka Dot Print Shop because they have a large assortment of lovely designs – and you can customize them with baby’s name too. Inside each book is a variety of questions and thoughts to ponder so you can really remember every one of baby’s milestones.

Skip Hop: Skip Hop is known for their large variety of essential products in adorable designs. We always think it’s a good idea to add some gifts for the older siblings on to the registry, too! Skip Hop makes adorable rolling luggage for kids, which is perfect when they want to head to grandma’s for the night and escape a crying baby! If rolling luggage isn’t their game, the backpacks of all different animal styles are perfect for toddlers and kids. Make bathtime fun for the older kids with the Wave Rider toy, and the Fill Up Fountain.

When it comes to Skip Hop baby must haves, we think the Vibrant Village Smart Lights Activity Gym is perfect for a new baby – it can travel easily around the house – even to work with you! A lot of parents of second or third babies report that activity gyms are a must have because it is a safe place baby and siblings can bond. The Skip Hop Diaper Caddy makes your life so much easier and more organized – and it even has a light on it for those middle of the night changes! You probably didn’t save the baby tub from the older siblings, so we suggest the Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub – ideal for newborns and up! Don’t forget a cozy towel to warm baby up, and as a little gift for yourself, don’t forget to add the Moby Kneeler from Skip Hop to your registry – saves your knees lots of grief! Lastly, add some simple and fun bath toys for baby to your registry – it is never too early for fun.

We are so excited for Jamie’s newest addition and we hope if you’re having a baby, whether first, second, or seventh, that you’ll swing by our blog, and take our style quiz today!