Bronzed Beauty // Gradual Tanners & Instant Tanners, What Is The Difference?

Spring is here, which means time to trade in our oversized sweaters and boots, for shorts and sandals!! Now that our skin hasn’t seen the sun in months, unless you live here in LA, then it’s time we help ease the transition of vampire like legs to that of a golden goddess, minus the tanning beds of course!!!  Tanning beds are something that I try and stay away from, since all I need is a few beach days and I’m good to go. If you are like me and just want to avoid that first initial day of your legs seeing the daylight again then you’ll love the products I mention. Now they aren’t for everyone so make sure to read below to see which at home tanner is for you.

Tarte bronzing Wipes

 So What is The Difference??

Gradual Tanners:

  • Have a lower concentration of bronzing ingredients so it takes longer to achieve a deep, sark tan
  • They are better for beginners or first timers
  • You are less likely to get a streaky or too dark of a tan
  • Once you achieve the color you want, you can continue to use the product to maintain that bronzed look
  • These are often daily moisturizers too – one less product to apply!!!
  • Great for an all year long tan. These make it super easy to keep your tan 365 days a year

Instant Tanners:

  • These create a deep tan within a few hours and some even work faster than that!
  • Ideal if you need to go from pale to bronze in just one night
  • If you are new to using self tanners I would not recommend using this right before an event
  • Give yourself a day or two before a big event.
    • If you make a mistake it’s bests to have a day to encourage the fading process

Each companies application process may vary, so make sure to read their directions before applying!!! I also recommend for you to try and plan out when you want to use the self tanner so you can use a good body scrub and moisturize your skin 24 hours prior, this will definitely help create a more even tan.

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Comment below with your experiences using a self tanner & which ones you recommend!