Fruit Infused Water // The Key To Consuming More Water

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Spring is here and with warmer weather means we need to kick up our water consumption, a notch… or 5 Haha … but for real, we do! It definitely takes some training to properly consume the right amount of water. Before, I would make sure to drink water, but I never hit my quota for the recommended daily dose. It’s so hard to consume 8-10 glasses of water a day, especially when there are tastier drinks like coffee, tea, and my fave La Croix! This is where I knew better; as a professional makeup artist I know that good skincare is the base of good makeup. So what is the number one thing we can do to bring out our best skin?? You guessed it, drink more water!!!

Our skin needs water, PERIOD. Water hydrates our skin, making it full and bright, thus diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. It also flushes out toxins, which can help to clear acne, and flushes out environmental stressors. Drinking more water has other great benefits besides just with the appearance of our skin – it keeps us feeling full longer, which is great for those looking to lose weight or to prevent yourself from eating that entire combo from the drive thru.

Like I said before, there are better tasting beverages to consume than water, soooo to get myself into the habit of drinking more water I started mixing in fruits and herbs. It was incredible how easy it was to drink more water!!! Adding fruits and herbs to your water gives it a light hint of flavor, just enough to trick your mind into thinking you aren’t drinking water. A positive addition to adding your favorite healthy flavors into your water is nutrient enrichment.  The nutrients from the fruits slowly release, hence the flavor change you are tasting. After drinking the water, eat the fruit, it doesn’t taste any different than normal…yummm!!! With this “trick,” I’m consuming more water AND more fruit, win win!! Fruits and herbs are packed with essential nutrients for your skin and overall health so don’t stray from eating those garnishes. For the mommies out there, my kids are a huge fan of it too, so have them give it a go!!! If you use a clear bottle, it will keep them entertained and give them a boost towards eating their daily dose of fruit and water! This is an extreme bonus because as moms we know getting your kids to drink water can be like pulling teeth. An easy trick to use for a day outdoors is to pre-cut and package the fruits you want and add them to your  bottle whenever you run out…Viola, it’s as easy as that! When you are enjoying a day at home, make a pitcher of it and leave it in the fridge. The convenience is another plus to increasing your daily consumption of water. We reach for that can of soda usually because it is already cold and easy to take with you, wherever you may be heading. So having it ready in the fridge will deter your hands away from the bad stuff and towards the good!

Try mixing:

  1.  Strawberries & Lime
  2. Watermelon and Basil
  3. Strawberry  & Mint
  4. Citrus & Mint – For this one I love to use grapefruit, cucumber, mint, and lemon!
  5. Lavender & Lemon – Try it without the simple syrup for a healthier “Lavender Lemonade”
  6. Strawberry Jalapeno

The options are endless! Try mixing in different fruits and herbs!! Only about 20% of the fruits flavor and nutrients are released, leaving a light hint of each item you have chosen. Get creative!

Products I Use:

I am always looking for new flavors to add to my water, comment below with your favorite recipes, I would love to hear them!