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Happy Friday! I am sitting down with the creator and founder of Shhhowercap, Jacquelyn De Jesu. Jacquelyn is such a doll and I am excited to share her story with you guys. If you haven’t heard of Shhhowercap then you need to make sure and check it out. I have attached several links and pic below!! I am totally in loooove with this product and use it on the regular. They are super cute, practical, and trendy…100% game changer!

  1. Hi Jacquelyn! What is your background in? Beauty, fashion, business, etc.?

I was an advertising art director / creative director in advertising for 10 years. I have worked at some of the world’s largest agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, 360i) on a number of different brands you probably know and use every day! Everything from VICE News, YouTube/Google, Altoids, Midol, IAMs, Cheerios, Miller Lite, Olay, Clinique…the list goes on. I feel like I’ve had my hand in a little bit of everything over the years. My mother is a hairdresser and makeup artist. She worked on TV and movies all throughout my childhood. I grew up with an innate understanding of the power of a “good” hair day and how to keep it healthiest so that I could have more of them.

  1. What was your inspiration behind starting the line?

Like most women, I wasn’t washing my hair every day. When I went to look for a shower cap, I tried my best to find one that I could feel great in. I used all the typical search terms I normally do to find things I would purchase. Words like “fashionable” “cute” “chic” “well designed” “best” + “shower caps” and to my surprise, there actually were products that turned up. However, they were nothing like what my friends and I would consider those terms to be. In fact, traditional shower caps were the exact opposite of fashion! Even with the rise of blowout bars, apps like GlamSquad, and the popularity of co-washing, it was obvious that there had been no design innovation in the category since the 1950’s. That’s when I became obsessed with creating an elevated shower cap that the women of today would actually want to wear.

  1. Did you have a breakthrough moment when you knew the line was going to take off?

Once our customers and followers started voluntarily posting pictures in their SHHHOWERCAPs, I knew this was something different. It was such a shift from the attitude of wearing a tacky, old-school shower cap, which was to hide or make a joke of it. Our women were posing (!!!) while looking super chic and feeling it.

The amazing breakthrough moment was that Jamie had gifted a couple to her clients, one recipient being Kaley Cuoco. Kaley then posted an amazing #shhhelfie wearing her SHHHOWERCAP along with a great review. It was picked up organically by Entertainment Tonight (!!!) and then that same post wound up the next week in Star Magazine. We have no paid PR team, so it was truly incredible to see it take off like that from Kaley’s vote of support. It was SUCH a cute picture, too. I’m officially now Kaley’s (and Jamie’s) biggest fan.

  1. Tell us a little about the products & how every design aspect is also functional?

I started my journey in development, driven by the desire to create a “chic” shower cap. But, I quickly realized that the sacrifice we all felt was based on way more than just looks! I spoke to as many women as possible to identify what they hated about what existed and why. I refused to stop until I had solved every issue I possibly could. SHHHOWERCAP is the answer. First, our beautiful turban silhouette and back pocket fits all heads and hair sizes without sacrificing your volume. We chose a premium nanotech fabric that repels water on contact. This means it is dry as soon as you step out of the shower and will never leaving a drippy mess on the floor. Our luxurious fabric is also antibacterial on a molecular level to prevent mildew growth and smells. The no slip rubber grip on the inner band provides better hairline protection and will never leave that dreaded forehead indent. SHHHOWERCAP also makes a much more relaxing noise when the water hits it as an answer to the “rain on a tin roof” sound that we all know and hate. Because whether it is morning, noon, or night your shower should always be relaxing.

  1. Why should women & men be using shower caps?

We all know that shampooing and styling your hair every day is “bad” for your hair health. Everyone’s hair is different and has their own reasons based on texture, length, and lifestyle. Over washing can create frizz, breakage, and excess oil production. If your hair is dyed, it is harder to maintain your salon perfect color the more you wash it. My personal favorite (unconventional) reason for using a shower cap is time! Not having to wash and style saves me hours throughout the week. This is perfect for young professionals, busy moms, or even us lazy girls. Many people also don’t realize that using a shower cap also helps the environment. Using a shower cap allows you to cut down on your time in the shower, which means significant water preservation when the average shower uses about 2 GALLONS of water every minute. By using a shower cap to skip even a few washes, you could save hundreds of gallons of water a week. Think about what that means in a year. Or a lifetime! And, if you’re not washing every day but still not using a shower cap — that’s just silly. Who wants to be doing a one woman interpretive dance, desperately trying not to get their hair wet?

  1. Do you have plans to expand the line?

We’ll continue to launch new exclusive prints and colors inspired by the runway and seasonal color trends. Past that — you’ll have to follow us on instagram @SHHHOWERCAP to see more of what we’re up to!

  1. Where can people currently buy SHHHOWERCAP? 

Currently, SHHHOWERCAPS are sold on our website, as well as some incredible retailers. We are carried at Violet Grey,, select Bloomingdales locations and, Ron Robinson/Fred Segal, STRIIKE, and independent retailers across the country. You’ll see us popping up at more local boutiques this year! Hopefully one near you.

  1. This is such an awesome start up? Do you have any open roles for people looking to join in on a rad brand? 

Thank you! I think you’re pretty rad, too. We’re always looking for talented people to add to our quickly growing team. You can see all of our current openings at

  1. What advice would you give someone looking to break in to the industry as a designer, entrepreneur, or beauty expert? 

Honestly, just do it. An idea in the back of your notebook could be the next big thing! Reach out to everyone you know. Chances are they’ll be willing to help or at least know someone who can. But, you’ll never know if you don’t start. Above all, be your most authentic self. The world is full of people trying to be something they aren’t. Be proud of what makes you, you, and always be sure to lead with it.

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