How To Properly Apply Makeup To Overexposed or Flaky Skin


Did you have a little too much fun in the sun, last weekend at Coachella? Your skin looking tired and or maybe suffering from flaky skin? Okay let’s talk how to properly cover that up without enhancing those dry skin spots. As it only continues to warm up, most of us will be enjoying the outdoors a lot more! If you are planning on being outdoors all day long, make sure to bring sunblock in your purse and wear makeup that has an SPF.


You should start by gently exfoliating the dry/ flaky areas on your face. Do not over exfoliate, this will only cause more irritation!! If there are only small areas that need to be exfoliated, use a wash cloth and your regular cleanser.


Well duh… if the skin is dry & flaky then it definitely needs some extra moisture!! Don’t be afraid if you have naturally oily skin or combo to use heavy moisturizers, it is okay. When applying them just make sure to evenly coat the face and don’t use a lot. If you plan on giving yourself a makeup free day and want to super charge the re-hydration then have a night-time hydration party for one!! Kiehl’s has an amazing over night treatment that I looooove and one of my fave newer obsessions is Ahava hydration cream mask. Now do not go crazy and overload this products… you don’t need to use them all in one night.

Step Away From The Compact

The last thing we want to do is soak up the excess moisture… we need that moisture right now!! You’ll be showing off that Dewy and super hydrated skin in no time, or at least faking it. Stay away from any type of powder; whether it be for coverage, concealing, or setting. We need that added moisture from the liquids. Liquid blush, cream bronzers, and liquid foundations, this is the route you want to take. Powder is only going to enhance the dry spots and make us look over done so stay away, far away!!!

Don’t move a muscle

Finish your look with a facial spray!! These are great to use even if you plan on having a makeup free day. As I said on Saturday’s EPMA vid, they sell soooo many different kinds of facial sprays that are totally portable!!! Facial Sprays are good because they hydrate the skin and give it a nice boost of energy for a mid-day-pick me up. You can now forget the 2pm coffee, all you need is a facial spray. Just kidding you still want to get the coffee.. facial sprays will only help to energize your face. Ladies, these sprays are also miracle workers the day after you have gone out drinking. They help to totally fake that well rested, healthy, and hydrated look.

It cannot be said enough, but remember your sunblock!!! I apply mine every morning just as I would lotion and it has become such a routine for me that I never forget it! Just to make it that much easier to remember, I also leave a travel size one in my purse because I never know what setting i’ll be working in that day. Have a wonderful week and remember to subscribe on the Home page to never miss an article or a giveaway!!!