Brag Alert! | My Favorite Things About My Celebrity Clients

Hi guys! Happy hump day! I wanted to take this opportunity to brag a little bit because I have THE BEST clients in the world! Seriously, all of the girls I work with are incredibly respectful, fun, and of course talented. Here are some of my favorite things about my girls.

Kaley Cuoco 

  • Kaley is always down to party, literally every time we get together. Woohoo! 
  • She is incredibly giving and loving. She is a part of multiple charities and foundations.
  • Makeup wise, she never does the same look twice. Which keeps me on my toes & adventurous.


(image via gettyimages)

Lauren Graham

  • Lauren is super nice!
  • She is also super trusting and knows what she likes.
  • However, she loves to collaborate to create a great finished look. I recently worked with Lauren for the premier of Gilmore Girls on Netflix! 


(image via yahoo)

Tracee Ellis Ross

  • Tracee’s  makeup is always a fun balance between natural and daring.
  • I always have fun coming up with the look for her!
  • Tracee can be super daring with her makeup choices, which is always a blast! 
  • Plus, she’s hilarious and is always herself.


(image via hollywood reporter)

Rashida Jones 

  • Rashida is the epitome of a classic.
  • She loves a cateye, but is willing to stray for sure.
  • We love doing a bold lip on Rashida! Always looks good on her.
  • She is always willing to change is up, I love working with Rashida!


Chelsea Handler

  • Hmmm where do I start with Chelsea… she literally gives zero f@*ks!
  • She let’s me choose any makeup for her.
  • I am laughing non-stop with Chels, sometimes it’s hard to focus.

Angelique Cabral

  • Angelique is a newer client, but I absolutely love her.
  • She is an up and coming actress on the CBS show Life In Pieces. I can’t wait to see where her career leads!
  • She is always so eager to learn about new products & try new things! 


Lauren Cohan

  • Lauren is incredibly smart!
  • She has a gorgeous face… makes my job easy.
  • She is also really creative and always has funny stories to share.


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