Face Oils… Do We love Them Or Hate Them?

It seems that every company has their own version of a magical face oil, but are they worth it? I’ll give you the low down on when and why we should use these trending face oils.

The top questions I’ve been asked are, “I naturally have oily skin, can I use facial oils,” and ” will I break out if I use these products.” Let’s get these answered!!

How Do They Work

We are all familiar with creams and how they sink deep into our skin to hydrate… hydration is key to achieving  good, glowing skin! Oils on the other hand don’t sink in; they stay on the top layer of your skin to hydrate, protect, and create a beautiful silky feel. Oils are wonderful if you are looking to lock in the moisture you currently have or to protect from environmental stressors, but if you need deep hydration then skip face oils and go straight for the moisturizing cream! Creams or ointments containing hyaluronic acid help your skin cells to absorb and lock in that moisture.

Why We Use Them:

We want our skin to look smooth and feel soft, duh! Oils aren’t all bad, they are full of essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants.  They work better for some skin types & they look great under makeup!

Proper Uses

I recommend mixing your face oils into your lotion; this way you receive the benefits of both! IF you prefer to keep them separate then use the face oil BEFORE you use the moisturizer, this ensures that the moisturizer will be able to sink in and truly hydrate the skin. If you currently use serums and wish to continue, then apply the serum FIRST!!!! Serum, Oil, then moisturize… this is the proper order to ensure you are taking in all the benefits of each.

A common question I receive is, ” I break out easy so will using a face oil be bad for my skin type?”  Answer is NO it can be great for your skin type, you just need to be using the right one. Avoid heavy oils – they take longer to soak in and end up clogging your pores. You should use straight JoJoba Oil, Argan Oil, or any products that either of those two are their base. I know that all over Pinterest and basically the internet there is a HUUUUUGE Coconut Oil trend occurring; Yessss I believe in that oil heavily, but it is a very heavy oil so not for those with oily or acne prone skin.

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