Okay so last year, I wrote a post introducing you all to the benefits of using face oils. Don’t recall?? Well go check out ” Face Oils … Do We Love Them Or Hate Them?” so you have a better understanding of why this trend continues to stick!

Since that post I have tried out many different brands of face oils. Some I LOVE and others not so much! I wanted to share with you my all time favorite face oils. Remember each caters to a different skin type so make sure to read  “Face Oils … Do We Love Them Or Hate Them?” to make sure you are purchasing the right ones for your needs!!

 Dew Drops

This Jojoba + Coconut Oil based product is nothing short of magical! For those of you looking to achieve a dewy, youthful glow, this is where it’s at! I recommend applying this first thing in the am, before your makeup. Your skin will stay hydrated and vibrant all day. Being as part of this has coconut oil for a base I wouldn’t recommend those who break out easily to use this product. Coconut Oil is a heavier carrier oil and best for people with dry skin and not acne prone.

Skin Worship – Dew Drops


Pure Radiance Oil

Some of my clients are not fans of that greasy feeling so applying a face oil is a no go…well that was until I found this product! True Botanicals was able to create a lightweight, non-greasy, face oil that reduces the signs of aging and sun damage! I am also a fan of it’s clean and piney scent. Most face oils are to be used in combo with a moisturizer, but not this bad boy, you simply apply this and bam all done! I have found this to be a perfect face oil for mature faces and those who have combination skin.


True Botanicals – Pure Radiance Oil

Active Botanical Serum

One of my long time faves!! It was love at first use; I enjoyed it so much that I decided I had to do a Friends Friday post on this a while back.  If you haven’t read it yet, you’ve got to do so!! Click Here

Vintner’s Daughter created the perfect facial serum thatfocusses on targeting inflammation, skin discoloration, and hormonally aging skin. This is a great oil to use if you suffer with acne prone or sensitive skin. Made with natural botanicals that are gentle even on skin disorders such as rosacea and don’t worry because you won’t find fillers or toxins in this bad boy!!

Vintner’s Daughter – Active Botanical Serum


Have a favorite face oil that you just love? Share with us in the comments below!!