Ethical Beauty

I love skincare companies that give back!!! It’s even better when they support your health, natural lifestyle and well-being. Derma-E is what we call eco-ethical skin care line; they take into consideration your skins health as well as the health of our beautiful planet! Most of you have read pasts post where I have recommended using Derma-E. Another big bonus is that you can find this company at your local drugstore i.e. CVS and Walgreens. Yay for convenience!!

For those of you looking for a boost of hydration and to brighten up your skin they’ve got a Vitmain C line that is perfect!!! All their products from this line support natural collagen growth, protect skin from environmental stressors, hydrates throughout the day/night, and provides antioxidant protection.

Sensitive skin? Problem skin? Dry skin? ¬†This is a great line for you!! Derma-E has specific lines directed toward specific needs so make sure to read the back or ask me and i’ll tell you which one is a good fit for your skin needs!!



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