Dior // The Dramatic Eye

This is the ultimate Girls Night Out package. If you want rich, full, and dramatic eyes then I have got just the recommendation for you.

Dior has several new “5 Couler eye shadow palettes,” and they are just what you need for a bold & playful evening eye. The two I have pictured below are my favorites. There are a bunch more colors to choose from, but what compliments my eye color and that of my few most popular clients is what Dior so kindly sent on over. The pigmentation of the eye shadows are daring and just flat out amazing! With the right primer you couldn’t dance these colors off.

To complete the look and to add volume to those lashes I love using the DiorShow Pump ‘N Volume Mascara. By adding one coat you your lashes will look more full, but if you want a more dramatic look go for two coats!



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