Hey babes!!! As you know, I love me some Colour Pop!!! They have a bunch of new products coming out soon,  so I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak at 24 of their new gel liners and colors!! Now I know how hard it can be to buy makeup products online. You can’t try the products out to see if its the right shade, and you don’t know what the consistency’s like, and that can be super frustrating.

Well in this video I’m going to try out the colors for you, so you guys know exactly what you’re getting!!! But why doing a boring hand swatch!? My face is a canvas, so let’s paint it!!! I want you guys to see how beautifully pigmented these colors truly are! Clearly I’ve gotten my artistic skills from my 4 year old daughter Leni LOL.


Let me know what you guys think!!




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