Where Beauty & Art Collide // EM Cosmetics + Giorgio Armani

There is no wonder that either of these companies made my list of fun/inventive makeup products. Great quality, bold colors and convenience of purchase make these two a fan fave!

EM Cosmetics

They have recently re-launched EM Cosmetics! Michelle Phan and the EM Cosmetics team created their line of beauty products with beginners and professional makeup artists in mind! Their goal is to produce great quality makeup that every person can use. A few of their re-launch products were sent my way to test out & to no surprise, I loved them! EM Cosmetics unique colors & simple yet modern packaging was also something that stood out to me. Fun playful colors are totally in right now and EM Cosmetics is definitely aware of that trend!

Giorgio Armani

Okay this line is a classic and you all have heard me mention just about all their products before! I love, love, love Giorgio Armani products!!! They sent over some fun new colors for me to try out. This bronzer is great to add a little definition or to fake a golden tan; it has a bunch of different hues so just add to apples of your cheek, the center of your chin, and a little bit to your forehead. The Eyes To Kill Proliner is one of my faves!!!! Perfect tool to create a good cateye.

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