Who wants to eat the same boring old lunch everyday? Not me! And certainly not my kids. I want lunchtime to be fun for them, without stressing me out!! I also want to make sure they are getting all the necessary food groups. Healthy habits begin while they’re young, and I want to make sure my daughter understands the importance of balanced eating. I reference charts like this one to remind myself of the different food types to always include in Leni’s lunches.

Lunch Chart

We pack her lunches together, making it the perfect time for me to teach her the importance of healthy eating, and get her excited for her lunch the next day! One of our favorites to make together is parfait with granola and yogurt! YUM.

I’m also OBSESSED with this new lunchbox I got for Leni. It has different portion contolled compartments that fit all her foods, so her lunch isn’t a jumbled hot mess when it’s time to eat!! They come in different colors and it’s also BPA free. Winning! I definitely recommend getting this for your kids!!


If you’re still stuck on lunch packing inspiration, check out my Back to School Pinterest board for more child-friendly ideas, after school snacks, and other fun activities!!





(image via pinterest)