All Day Wear //  Murad Matteffect + Make Up For Ever

Valentines Day is here, and unfortunately it is on a Tuesday, so the majority of us will be working all day and then runnning straight home to set things up with a babysitter to finally get a night out with the hubby!!! This gives us very little time to redo our makeup, so we need a look that can last all day and night. My top choices are Make Up For Ever products and Murad Matteffect. These are both solid choices when it comes to preserving that fresh face, 8am look!

Last month Murad launched a brand new product that is changing the way we think of blotting papers. This product is applied over your makeup to freshen up and reduce shine. BONUS… it also minimizes the appearance of your pores. This is a must have in your purse!!!! Throughout the day our skin gets oil build up in our T-zone, so I often apply this around lunch and even a little later for a mid day touch up. Some skin types won’t require as much.


Another great option for long wear makeup is basically any product from Make Up For Ever!!! These products have been used in countless movie sets and red carpet events for one huge reason… IT LASTS!!! Their products help to give you that camera ready, shine free look from the moment you apply it until its time for bed. YESSSSSSS!!!! Does this not sound perfect for low maintenance?!