Makeup Lines That Won’t Break The Bank

There are too many makeup companies to choose from. While they all have their area of expertise and some of us are die hard fans to a product or two at each; there have been a growing number of people asking me my opinion on some affordable makeup lines. Now as I have said before, there are a ton of great budget friendly makeup lines to choose from! There are a few however that I have been using more so recently than the rest.

Mally Beauty

Well I’m sure by now you have seen 1 or 2…shoot even 20 different Mally Beauty products on my Instagram! Mally Beauty is usually out on my workstation from clients like Kaley to being on set with Rue21. With endless choices and affordable prices, I’m hooked!!


They are having their annual Spring Sale, which makes these products even more of a steal!!! Pictured are my fave Sephora product for creating a great cateye or for a flawless smoky haze. The pigments are great and the products last. What more could you want from an affordable makeup line?!


Beauty Pie

This was a newer line introduced to me recently. After spending some time using the products I have decided to add them to my affordable faves list! This company is set up like a beauty membership club, you pay a membership fee of $10/ a month and in return you get their beauty products at a base fee. Example a $25 lipstick will only run you about $3… that is if you are a member. They are able to do this by cutting out the middle man ( big stores) and selling directly from packager to you! Their packaging is simple and eco-friendly using only plant-based inks so they might not attract you right off the bat, but their products are great! I love the fact that their foundations are breathable and totally buildable. They are a newer line and only carry limited products as of right now, but i’m super excited to see what they come up with!


Shop products here:

Beauty Pie

While there are soooo many more affordable brands these just seem to be my fave lately! What budget friendly brands do you like? Comment and let me know.