Friends Friday | Adam Drawas & Jennifer Walker

Happy Friday! Today on Friends Friday, I am introducing you to some awesome newness! A friend of mine, Adam Drawas has launched his own clothing line & it’s amazing to say the least. Adam has teamed up with Jennifer Walker & Kari Weiner to create Cut + Sew, a tee shirt line made right here in LA. This line is a minimalists dream come true, seriously. I got a chance to interview the badass trio behind the brand, check it out below!

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What was your inspiration behind starting Cut + Sew?

We’ve always been obsessed with t-shirts and consider ourselves total t-shirt whores.  We love the simple yet sassy aesthetic of our collection. We really wanted to make a product that was made with luscious fabrics and simple designs. – Jennifer Walker, Adam Drawas, Kari Weiner. 

Since I was a kid I was always cutting up my dads old white shirts in attempt to make them cute and stylish.  I never could find that perfect fit, style, fabric, color and price and felt there was a need to fill this gap hence cut + sew was born! – Kari Weiner, Designer

Can you tell us a little about your background in fashion? 

I think visually, love to create and am passionate about styling.   I went to Parsons and ever since then I’ve dabbled in the fashion world.

 Adam Drawas and Jennifer Walker both come from long backgrounds of fashion and lifestyle pr and marketing. Having worked in house at brands and forming their own agency Walker Drawas in 2015 they are experts in brand development. With me as the designer and the two of them in branding we have the perfect threesome! -Kari Weiner

What makes Cut + Sew stand out from other t-shirt brands?

We have put a lot of thought and time into perfecting the style and fabrics.  Its all about the details and of course price point. We have priced them at an incredibly competitive cost for the quality and style of our tees. We wanted to make something everyone wears accessible from a price standpoint but also where one could get great use out of our product. Our tees are something to be worn from day to night casual to chic. – Jennifer Walker, Adam Drawas, Kari Weiner

Why did you decide to have manufacturing here in LA? I’m all for this by the way! 

Why not? It’s in our backyard and allows us to keep a very close eye on the product. The location of our factory allows us to be super hands on which is rare for many brands. – Jennifer Walker

Why did you & your partner decide to launch a basics line specifically? 

I’ve always been into clean aesthetics with a classic timeless feel. Tees are a staple that every person needs and wants in their wardrobe. When bringing this idea to my fabulous partners  they immediately felt and saw the same  vision I did  we were all aligned and our baby was born. – Kari Weiner

I wear tshirts almost everyday. I buy the same ones over and over again. Its like any product that people become loyal to. Once they find one they like they keep coming back and that’s where we see the value in having a great product that people will keep coming back for. – Adam Drawas

What are you most excited about with the debut of the brand this month?

I’m so excited to see people’s reactions to our product. We are already getting so much love from influencers, celebrities and the press. As brand developers and marketers we are passionate about growing brands and nurturing them into greatness. We’ve done this for many other brands and can’t wait to do this with our own brand!! – Jennifer Walker

We know people will fall in love with Cut + Sew once we get our tees on them!! – Jennifer Walker

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Thanks for reading, check out Cut + Sew here & shop for any last minute Christmas gifts. They have all your basic needs & CANDLES! Everyone loves candles. Have a great weekend.