The dog days of summer are here and so is the hot and sticky weather that causes makeup to practically fall off your face! Humidity and heat affects the look and longevity of almost every product you apply. Primers and long-wear makeup formulas are a great way to combat this issue but there is a third secret weapon that helps the best- facial mists. Many people overlook this cool and refreshing product but I am here to tell you it works the best!

Most face mists on the market today contain good-for-skin botanical extracts and moisturizers that nourish your skin without disturbing makeup. In fact, some of the best ones double as setting sprays, so if you’re worried about extra moisture displacing your eye makeup or foundation- don’t be. Just be sure to hold the bottle far enough away from your skin, somewhere between six to twelve inches (after all, the key word is face mist and not drench). Spritz a couple of times, and that’s it! Your skin will be cool and hydrated.

Since face mists are the perfect afternoon pick me up, I liken them to an iced coffee or tea. And just like iced coffee or tea, everyone has specific preferences on how to take it. Whether you prefer a lightweight floral formulation, or a super-hydrating product they all get the job done!

Here are a few of my favorites:

This mist is super lightweight and cooling. Ingredients like brown algae, lavender, knotgrass, and dandelion extract hydrate, nourish,and promote radiance. Spritz it over your skin right after application, and a few times throughout the day to help keep your makeup in place.

For those of you unfamiliar with this brand, Herbivore is vegan and cruelty-free! This sweetly-scented face mist has coconut water, rose, aloe, and hibiscus. Although it can also be used as a setting spray over makeup, mist it across clean skin to tone, soften, and reduce redness!

This one can be found at the drugstore. Use it before makeup to prime and treat skin with natural oils and fruit extracts. Mist it over existing makeup to set and refresh. This is a good pick for you if you prefer a super glowy finish to your makeup, as it adds a little extra radiance to your skin (and who doesn’t love that?).

Have you ever used a facial mist? What are your favorites?