10 Things You Didn’t Know About Burt’s Bees

Hey guys. The secret is out… I’M OBSESSED WITH BURT’S BEES! Okay, so it wasn’t a secret, but I still get excited about this brand after using it consistently for so many years. If you’re anything like me, you keep Burt’s in your bag at all times. All of their products are amazing & I love seeing the brand expand into more ranges of beauty products while still keeping consistent with their mission and values. I’ve worked with the Burt’s team many times, creating looks for my clients on the red carpet and photoshoots, so I was excited to partner with them on a post. I thought it would be fun to share with you some facts about the brand that you may not know, check it out!

Fun Facts:

  1. Burt was a real person.Burt was a real person. A beekeeper who got his start selling honey on the roadside out of the back of his infamous yellow truck. Whata boss.
  2. Though Burt has passed away, his spirit is still very much alive in the company. Their headquarters in Durham, NC, has a live observation beehive dedicated to his memory, and the company is moving his beloved coop to their headquarters to honor who he was and his uncommon life.
  4. They sell one of their original Beeswax Lip Balms per second, worldwide. Woah!
  5. They have a foundation that supports issues and causes around honeybee health, a cause they’ve been working on since the onset of the Colony Collapse Disorder in 2007. Read more here. (10% of their website purchase price goes to this foundation)
  6. Burt’s Baby products are the best thing for mom’s on the go, such as myself. Their baby safe line includes baby soaps, lotions, and they even have products for pregnant mothers. Seriously, so thankful they have thought of it all.
  7. They harvest sustainably sourced, Community Sourced beeswax from Tanzania. Check out a cool video about this here.
  8. They’re natural! They strive for products made with 100% natural ingredients, which includes all of their lip products, and have at least 95% natural ingredients in all of their products. I love this so much! Natural products are so good for your skin & feel amazing on.
  9. Burt’s has a line specifically for men. It includes shaving cream, aftershave, body wash, etc. Definitely going to get some of this for hubs.
  10. Burt’s has an entire line of beauty and skincare products, many of these products are multi-purpose like the tinted lip balms (moisture & color) & BB creams (moisturizer & light foundation)! Some of my favorites are listed below!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Hope you learned a little something something new. Head over to my instagram to enter to win some Burt’s Bees swag.